About Us

In spring 2009, Ed and Chavah founded ConfrontNation (www.confrontnation.com), which actually stated as a Pro-Israel voice in in the media but over time became a place for relationship encouragement, empowerment and strategic help for the Biblically minded.

Since July 2009, Ed Harris has called Dallas, Texas home with the love of his life Chavah and their three wonderful children. Ed currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Beit Yashua of DFW (Beityashua.com), in Irving TX. Beit Yashua is a Messianic Styled community that is focused on the Biblical basics of loving God and loving thy neighbor. The walking out of the Ancient pathways (Honoring Sabbath and the Biblical Feasts) with a balanced focus, is at the center of each and every meeting and teaching.

June 26, 2015 Ed and Chavah started a brand new initiative, Faith in Focus
In serving the local and greater body Ed and Chavah saw a need to change, they recognized the need to build a tool that would connect, equip and develop those that not only desire to know who they are in the Kingdom, but to also grow in who they are in the Kingdom!

Thus their every intention is to see Believers around the globe walking out their faith in every area of life.  Each of us have been born and brought into this beautiful place that we call planet Earth.  Our Creator has created us with unique gifts and abilities.  Some of us are good with our hands.  We can build and develop.  Others are good with speaking, some of us are good at entertainment and yet others at education.  Some are naturally gifted servants; some are dignitaries and called to create government policies to change and shape our nation.  The thing that unites us is that none of us has been created at random.  We all have the God given free will choice to choose to live out a life of faith.  And yes, we can live out this faith filled life in our current vocation.  Whether that’s being a serviceman or woman, trash man or any other clean and morally sound vocation.  We have that responsibility to be that light set up upon a hill Matthew 5:16.  We can choose to make this world a better place through our choices and activities.  Faith In Focus endeavors to be a place that assist Believers of all walks of life to that end. Check it out by visiting myfaithinfocus.org

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