• Ed Harris

    Ed Harris

    In spring 2009, Ed and Chavah founded ConfrontNation (www.confrontnation.com), which actually stated as a Pro-Israel voice in in the media but over time became a place for relationship encouragement, empowerment and strategic help for the Biblically minded.

    Since July 2009, Ed Harris has called Dallas, Texas home with the love of his life Chavah and their three wonderful children. Ed currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Beit Yashua of DFW (Beityashua.com), in Irving TX. Beit Yashua is a Messianic Styled community that is focused on the Biblical basics of loving God and loving thy neighbor. The walking out of the Ancient pathways (Honoring Sabbath and the Biblical Feasts) with a balanced focus, is at the center of each and every meeting and teaching.

    June 26, 2015 Ed and Chavah started a brand new initiative, Faith in Focus

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  • About FIF

    About FIF

    Faith In Focus was created with the goal of helping individuals and families to realize the power of the Christian faith-building potential that life presents in every day circumstances.

    Our mission is to help you develop and strengthen your faith muscle and bring your faith into focus.

  • The Blueprint

    The Blueprint

    As our family and church has been studying and learning some of the traditions of the Ancients in the Scriptures over the last twenty years, it occurred to me what’s really happening, is that we desire to check out the Creators plans or “Blueprints.” So one of our focuses is titled…you guessed it “The Blueprint.” Here we will study, review, share and discuss the Scriptures with the intent and desire of learning our Creators plans. Questions like: who labeled the Old Testament Old? How did Jesus the Messiah actually live? Were there Jews in the Bible who actually believed and followed Jesus? Those are just a few of the questions we will explore here in this module.

  • Fit in Focus

    Fit in Focus

    We know that it is not common to focus on fitness in the Community of Faith but we absolutely believe that we should have a commitment to not just healthy spirits but also healthy bodies. This does not mean that we are some fanatical, crazed exercise maniacs! We just want to look at ways we can improve our overall heath so that we can be even more effective for the Kingdom. On the Fit series you will have personal challenges, you will have a blast sharing your results and discovery with other members as you work and navigate through the different points of engagement. You will be blessed as you meet other members and friends that maybe struggling or have overcome something that you are working on. Overall prepare to have fun, be challenged and become more fit in the process.

  • Torah Time

    Torah Time

    We realize that many of our newcomers are just getting started in their journey of honoring Torah and Yashua. TorahTime is another way we encourage families to “get into the word.” Click below to view the previous Torah Time videos!

  • Early Watch

    Early Watch

    Looking for that quick word of encouragement when you rise up in the morning as you prepare for your day? Check out Early Watch with Ed Harris. This module is available to members of Faith In Focus. You will be challenged with the Word of God. And just like some of the other Faith In Focus video modules you will have opportunities to engage and put the teachings into practice and share your experiences with other members on Faith In Focus. This is a look directly into the scriptures with no fancy talk or wordy definitions. The Early Watch delivers a pointed basic fire starter teaching that even very young children can follow. We look forward to seeing you out there and sharing in your growth as we grow in grace together.